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J.A.P. – Revolution
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Great rock appeared as a single 'Revolution' under the banner of the Italian music project J.A.P.. The star band brought together by Andrea Manfrini and indeed it includes world-class musicians. The recording of the track 'Revolution' was done by prominent sound producers who have extensive experience working with rock legends.
H-zero – Neso and Psamathe
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Strong powerful music with an industrial tone delights our ears thanks to the Italian composer Stefan and his brainchild H-zero. His recent single 'Neso and Psamathe' has the outer space that separates these two satellites from Neptune.
Magali, a Cult – V21
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Magali, a Cult is a music project based in Italy and has offices throughout the galaxy. His space tracks are recommended to all fans of science fiction, the Strugatsky Brothers and the sounds of the 80s. Recently Magali, a Cult released their second album called 'V21' and this is the second album this year that in the list of this new powerful artist.
Lorenzo Carulli – Present Past
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Like his compatriot Ferdinando Carulli - a guitar genius who was the first composer who performed solo works for classical guitar, our contemporary Lorenzo Carulli pursues his mission of bringing solo piano works to the modern listener and making new classical music more closer to the people.
An Early Bird – Fishes In The Ocean
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Stefano De Stefano - an insatiable romantic from Italy, organized his music project An Early Bird to bring people love and joy of life. The philosophical lyrics of his latest single 'Fishes In The Ocean' tell about the possibilities and course of life.
Marchesi – Body Conversation
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In the final part of the song 'Body Conversation' from the Italian Marchesi, we hear a stereo effect from the past, as if an alien spaceship takes off to roam the space of the universe. The cosmicness of the whole track is saturated with elements of psychedelics of the late 60s.
YumeMike – Light In The Mirror
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'Rice Again' is a single by artist YumeMike, which was released before the album 'Light In The Mirror'. The track begins with a ringtone that suddenly turns into a dance beat with vocals YumeMike, which carries a charge of energy and vigor. The melodies of the verse are shifted into the melody pre-chorus and further in the chorus, and this whole melodic structure is extremely simple and memorable.
Of Shadows And Lights – Almost Prophetic Visions And Thoughts
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The music project Of Shadows And Lights by Italian singer and producer Angelo Pitone, delighted us with debut album 'Almost Prophetic Visions And Thoughts'. The work consists of 10 tracks where each new song is shown in an elegant form of a masterfully made musical product.
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