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Freaky Farm – Coupled Spins
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Swiss electronic duo Freaky Farm released their new single 'Coupled Spins' on November 12. This song sounds cool and original. It is made of electronic pulses that create a harmonic composition in the bosom of syncopic trip hop.
Joshua Vincent – Nowhere To Go
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'Nowhere to Go' is the name of the debut release of the Swiss artist Joshua Vincent. The single was released on September 17 and became the first song from the singer's upcoming album.
Aura Davis – Unbroken
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Swiss artist Aura Davis has the appeal of her singing art that fascinates and makes us follow her work. She recently released her new single 'Unbroken' in which she once again showed the depth of her talent and inner world.
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Swiss rock band QUANTUM shared a new energetic single 'LIVE!'. This song is the radiation of the desire for freedom and light. Emo rock mixed with metalcore created an epic picture of a musical canvas that is colorful and bright with its powerful sounds.
The Bad Egg – A Night In Gale
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Swiss musician Philipp Eggenberger formed his project The Bad Egg to create his own music. Since the age of 13 he has been actively involved in music and his invaluable creative experience gives birth to interesting musical ideas.
Daniel Fin – By The Ears
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Daniel Fin loves to create, record and release his own music. So this time, the single 'By The Ears' was created and recorded by himself at home in Switzerland and released on July 30.
Quantum – RISE.
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Expression and melody, drive and rhythm are the basis of the music of the Swiss rock band Quantum. Their new single 'RISE.' came out on July 9 and began to shine a beacon of hope and inspiration in today's hazy world of hatred and aggression.