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Snakedoctors – Got Him Another Girl
The fifth single from the new album of the Polish band Snakedoctors was released recently and was called 'Got Him Another Girl'. This composition sounds in a minimalist garage rock sound. Simple drive chords with organic drums create the effect of proto-punk in the style of The Stooges.

Guitar melodies flow carelessly and scatter on the track background. The song tells the story of a relationship in which a girl does not properly receive attention to her boyfriend and as a result loses him when the she begins to feel attracted to him. A simple-minded song with a driving flow of history captures with an interesting presentation of creative material.  

In the music video 'Got Him Another Girl' we are greeted by dancing girls from Indonesia dancing in K-Pop style right on the street. The shoegaze from Snakedoctors perfectly harmonizes with such a video clip that synchronizes in an incredible way.  

Watch the music video 'Got Him Another Girl' from Snakedoctors on YouTube below and rate this cool song.