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Anita Eccleston – Long Nights
The Canadian singer-songwriter Anita Eccleston pleased with the new Christmas single. Her new song is called 'Long Nights' and it brought that mysterious and enigmatic festive mood that happens only in childhood.

Anita Eccleston created a song that she was inspired by the memories of celebrating Christmas as a child, when everything is in the lights and neons, when a good mood reigns in every house and when all dreams and desires come true.  

The song 'Long Nights' sounds like quiet and slow waves with light pop jazz harmony against the background of sweet staccato and fabulous cello. That vibes develop the arrangement with its harmonious melisms and the fantastic vocals enchant and mesmerize with its unsurpassed atmosphere.  

Anita Eccleston created a wonderful song that is the best gift for all music lovers who are looking forward to Christmas. Listen to the single 'Long Nights' from Anita Eccleston and immerse yourself in the fairy-tale world of childhood where the holiday feels especially great.