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Kute Juergens – You’re The One For Me
The German multi-instrumentalist musician and producer Kute Juergens recently shared his novelties and one of them is the single 'You're The One For Me'. This song is extremely adapted to the dance floor and simply conveys the mood of the dance sound that is fly from this song.

The clockwork rhythm of pop funk, together with the disco atmosphere, unravel its soft and energetic waves in the performance of synthesizer melisms and the main bass riff. Funky guitars and synths of the 80s come with their bright colors of the festive mood of this exquisite track. Vocal melody is awesome and it inspires dance and oblivion on the night dance floor.  

Kute Juergens created a beautiful track that is remembered for its inner fire ready to explode and tear off the ground. Listen to the single 'You're The One For Me' on Spotify below and enjoy a real masterpiece of new disco music from Kute Juergens.