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Close To Monday – Split
Electronic band Close To Monday that is based in Berlin, Germany released their single 'Split' on November 12. The band already has achievements on the European alternative scene with their latest album that reached the Top 10 in the German alternative chart.

The song 'Split' presents the original sound of the band that received lo-fi synthesizers and electronic beats plus a real trip hop in the finale. A wide palette of synthetic sounds envelops the track with its foggy atmosphere. The vocals are calm and pensive, it carries its deep lyrics with a beautiful timbre of voice over the exoticism of the dark wave.  

In the music video 'Split' there is a performance with dancers who complement the content of the song with their reflections and impulsive movements. A room with a psychedelic design and projectors with the singer's face adds the artistic color on this amazing film.  

Watch the music video 'Split' on YouTube below and appreciate the high potential of Close To Monday music.