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New Gondoliers – Escape Town
The Croatian singer-songwriter Alen Čelić has spent more than 20 years of his creative life in Berlin and is now returning with his new project New Gondoliers to capture and form a collection of his own songs as an album. The band's debut album is called 'New Gondoliers Escape Town' and contains 10 songs.

'Parachuter' blooms with pleasant country rock with a great ensemble arrangement. The vocals of sound insightful and truthful. The song tells a life story that is fascinating and calming. The track 'Lowland Wind' has the energetic rhythm of a fast train that carries via vast expanses of wildlife where people are delighted with the grandeur of these landscapes and impending adventures.  

'Boys from the South' soft rock composition with a light drive and a colorful composition. The track 'Escape Town' got a Balkan wind in American sound. Beautiful lyrics and a pleasant vocal timbre give a good mood. 'Hotels Motels' This is a cool blues song with a rocky sound and a strange and clockwork atmosphere.  

Listen to the full album 'New Gondoliers Escape Town' from New Gondoliers on Spotify below and enjoy the quality sounds of Croatian rock n roll.