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Joe & The Anchor – California
The band Joe & The Anchor from Sweden released a new single 'California' on October 8. The guys has already established itself as a potential pop rock band of the new wave with elements of indie. Their previous releases have found a response from audiences who like elements of romance and novelty in music.

The song 'California' has a dreamy rock sound with a uniform rhythm and wide choruses. Melodic harmony gravitationally flies over space and the beautiful timbre of the singer's voice adds color and volume to the composition.  

In the music video 'California', the rock trio stands in the middle of the California desert and plays their song for wind, sand and hot air. They are completely immersed in their music, giving us a part of themselves and their experiences. The band seems to dissolve in the desert with their cool sounds of guitars and drums. This music feed well next to the original natural landscape.  

Watch the music video 'California' on YouTube below and enjoy the great new music from Joe & The Anchor.