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Spyderland – There’s Monsters Outside
American indie duo Spyderland shared their debut album 'There's Monsters Outside' on September 12. This work includes 10 tracks inspired by past achievements of musical trends and new experimental ideas.

The duo was formed as a result of the creative search of two frontmen from different bands, Marie Litton and Drew McClellan, two unsurpassed masters of the song art. The duo is based in Denver, USA, where they began to form their unusual creative aura starting in 2018. 

The song 'Bop It' opens the album with its electronic impulses and indie guitar. Electrobeats set the groove and the uniform vocals reflect the rhythms merging into interesting duet lines. The track 'Milky Way' sounds in a classic trip hop verses that change into the recitative. Space synthesizers in a minimalist form create strange melisms and revolution sound. 'Paper Posies' is a beautiful composition that has its own folk character. 'Fearless Heart' is a melodic and insightful track with light vocals and foggy guitars.  

Listen to the full album 'There's Monsters Outside' on Spotify below and plunge into the land of strange uplifting sounds from talanted duo Spyderland.