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The Effens – Pavement Age
It's great to see snow in winter. It's great to see the synchronization of mannequins and statues with Christian themes. The music of the band The Effens from Toronto gave birth to a new music video for their single 'Pavement Age' earlier this month.

Who knows where the line ends when grunge turns indie or when old The Clash meets young Jack White? Something like The Effens should come out may be. Revisiting the clip 'Pavement Age' associations take me to the artwork of 'In Utero' Nirvana and it seems to me that mysticism connects these two works. The mystical component runs past the entire music video, showing us all the members of the quartet in their craft separately but at the same time harmoniously connecting them in undeveloped frames with photo negatives. Each of the band members has received his mise-en-scène and is working on his presence on the audio track. Everyone has their own location and no one can change it at will. The vocalist promises us that he can still change and does he need it? It's cold all around and it makes the music even warmer and its own. You can get your share of cold heat by checking out the video below.