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George Gritzbach – Full Circle
George Gritzbach, an American singer and songwriter from Massachusetts, recently released his second full-length album, entitled 'Full Circle'. The album consists of the original 10 tracks in soft rock and blues sound. The collection of beautiful songs has opened a new page in the work of George Gritzbach.

The song 'All About Now' features a rock n roll circle full of powerful vocals, guitar solos and wind arrangements. 'One Race, Many Faces' is distinguished by a cascading rhythm and harmonious twists in the chorus. Beautiful female backing vocals adorn the track along with an unsurpassed saxophone solo.  

Rock n roll track 'Cheap Thrill' sounds in the original vocals in the style of legendary Joe Cocker. This soulfull composition combines fun and shame. 'Black Rose' is a beautiful ballad with dark blues accompaniment. In the country song 'Better Than Gold' there are energetic sounds of Americana style that pure and honest.  

Listen to the full album 'Full Circle' below on Spotify and experience the sounds of real American music by George Gritzbach.