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Vana Liya – Round n Round (with Pepper)
The beautiful sweet singing of Vana Liya is unforgettable and relaxing. The singer represents Caribbean culture in her songs via reggae style. Her solar energy enchants us with its warmth and freshness and lulls us swaying on the blue waves of the gentle sea.

Vana Liya's new single 'Round n Round' was recorded in collaboration with the famous reggae band Pepper. The song is really graceful and light as a feather flying over our heads. The reggae composition sounds casual and gravitational. 

Awesome live music by Pepper along with ethereal melodic singing by Vana Liya create a unique mixture that brings our mood into harmony to everything around us. 

Vana Liya has every chance to become a star and we will not be surprised if that happens. Her talent is in simplicity and cosiness, openness and elegance. Her smile is charming and real and we believe her songs. 

Listen to the single 'Round n Round (with Pepper)' on Spotify below and fly to a warm carefree place with Vana Liya's melodies.