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Lauryn Marie – Lifetime
EP 'Lifetime' by artist Lauryn Marie is a bunch of tender emotions that came out in her creative impulse from life itself. All 5 songs of the record are a touch to the soul of the singer and it opens to us in all its grace and elegance. Bedroom pop lovers from San Francisco received a new collection of impressive songs.

'Insecure' is a romantic ballad with extremely melodic vocals that honestly tells its story that it can no longer hide. The light air accompaniment is barely perceptible and it sounds organic. 

'Daisy' is a pop punk song arranged by bedroom pop style. Sounds original. 

'Walk' is the story of a walk in the midnight in search of yourself. The muted guitar as percussion fascinates and hypnotizes.  

'Spider' acoustic folk ballad comes to us on the rare keys of a lone piano. It is sounds like animated light touch.  

'Lifetime' is a title song with simple words and a simple melody that flies over life smiling at it.  

Listen to the EP 'Lifetime' below on Spotify and smile at yourself and everyone around as the romantic Lauryn Marie does.