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Molosser – Dive In
The duo Molosser lives on a small farm among the beautiful landscapes of Sweden. Their music is unlike anything else and that's how it attracts us. Their latest single was released on June 27 and is called 'Dive In'.

The song has a powerful dark sound created by acoustic guitars down-tuned. The reef sound like the notes of the glorious 'Paranoid' from Black Sabbath that strain our emotions and we embark on a journey with a song along with Molosser. Heavy blues unfolds along with the squeaky rhythm and dynamic vocals of the singer. 

In the music video 'Molosser' we swim on a dark river carrying a dark wave in the thick of natural views. The duo performs a composition in the black image of folk heroes who carry their art to those who need it. The Swedish version of acoustic doom is organic and realistic. Their music penetrates our skin, looking into our souls with its insight. Watch the music video 'Dive In' on YouTube below and immerse yourself in the quiet dark waters of Molosser.