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Mirias – Don’t Look Back
Singer and pianist Mirias is based in Antwerp, Belgium. Her past experience as a front lady has allowed her to start own solo artist way. Mirias went free sailing in search of her island for her treasures. Her treasures are her creative works. On June 24, her new single 'Don't Look Back' was released.

The penetrating guitar melody together with the rhythm section begins this sad song. Mirias' vocals, which continue the movement of the melody, sound in a cold tone and with deep lyrics helps to protect our heart from emotional trauma. Her strong character is felt in this song and makes us follow her advice in difficult moments of relationship breakdown. 

Melodic pop-rock makes the background a little dark and crying. The artist achieves the appropriate emotional atmosphere with her musical composition. Listen to the single 'Don't Look Back' below on Spotify and get acquainted with the work of the talented artist Mirias.