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Alas de Liona – Radio Astronomy
Artist Alas De Liona shared new creation - EP 'Radio Astronomy'. The new work of the creative woman, originally from California and based in Edinburgh, Scotland, inspired by ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, a collection of space lullabies and cosmic folktales. Its cosmic component is the universe of Alas De Liona and we now want to fly over 5 new planets of its galaxy and stop at each.

'As Diamonds' - opens the space of the artist's imagination and only acoustic guitar and vocals meet us at the beginning of this journey. Folk vocals are very melodic intertwined with a jazz rhythm section and a cosmic synthesizer background. 

'Quakes' - heartbeat of the bass drum sets a tone of reassurance and security. The cosmic lullaby sways with its soft verses and wide chants. 

'Cascade' is an atmospheric ballad where minimalism meets the warmth of the artist's soul. 

'Pages' - the singer's sweet vocals do not let our attention go during this folk composition. Her character is gentle, bright and pure as the soul of a medieval princess.  

'Planetarium' - as the name implies, we complete our journey in the planetarium of our own galaxy Alas De Liona. The swirling rhythm and soothing background gives the feeling of free flight and contemplation of strange celestial bodies. 

The artist managed to create that unique image of outer space with her melodies and sublimity. Alas De Liona believes in what she sings about and we believe in her together. Listen to EP 'Radio Astronomy' on Spotify below to feel the cosmic trace of her work, which will not leave us indifferent.