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Daffodildos – No Pride
On July 5, Daffodildos debuted with the single 'No Pride'. The punk trio was formed in Brighton, where their music immediately gained recognition.

While singing about the rights of human rights and the proper treatment of animals in their work, they generally touch on other issues of a socio-political nature. Daffodildos is a queer ensemble and their songs help them be who they are.  

The punk fervor of the song 'No Pride' knocks us off our feet and carries us on the waves of the repetitive chorus. Belief in oneself and in one's society fills the soul of these artists and those who listen to this song. Musically, 'No Pride' fully corresponds to the concept of classic punk and it is certain that fans of this style will also appreciate this killer track.  

Listen to the single 'No Pride' below on Spotify and follow the work of the cool Brighton band Daffodildos.