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Tjernberg Brothers – (Easier with a) Song
Tjernberg Brothers presented their debut single '(Easier with a) Song'. The release included 4 tracks, among which there is an instrumental version and the main one, in which the Swedish artist Astrid Mellgren sang.

Such an excellent musical tandem allows us to fully enjoy this amazing song. '(Easier with a) Song' is disco funk with electronic elements that fill the whole space with bright moments. A wonderful musical arrangement with soft timbres and a soothing groove envelops warm singing.  

The organic dance structure of the song gracefully leads us into an atmospheric bridge to throw again into the last emotional chorus. '(Easier with a) Song' is a great start and we will be waiting for new songs from this fantastic music project.  

Listen to the single '(Easier with a) Song' below on Spotify and enjoy great music from Tjernberg Brothers.