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Mad Painter – Empty Bottles
On June 13, a new single by the American band Mad Painter was released. The song called 'Empty Bottles' is a real gift for all fans of glam rock and proto-punk.

At its core, it's rock n roll in the power of the 70s, but lyrically, the song reflects modern reality, or rather 2020 and the inconveniences and fears brought by the pandemic. The song 'Empty Bottles' was written at the beginning of 2022 and became a real outlet for those who really wanted to break away and throw off the veil of past restrictions and quarantine.  

The live performance of the track 'Empty Bottles' clearly shows that before us is a real rock n roll band that lives the cult of this eternal music. Mad Painter are preparing for the release of their third record and 'Empty Bottles' opens the curtain on the new album. Mad Painter is a great band that is worth paying attention to and following their creative process.  

Listen to the single 'Empty Bottles' below on Spotify and get energized by the new song from the amazing Mad Painter.