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The Suncatchers – Audio Bicylce Day
Musical compositions with the participation of the guitarist and producer Ari Joshua are always interesting and charismatic. Undoubtedly, this is one of those guitarists who will leave a mark in the legacy of modern musical art with their signature musical signature. Together with world-class musicians, keyboardist Joe Doria and drummer Brad Gibson, Ari Joshua presents a new musical experience under the banner of The Suncatchers.

On March 29, The Suncatchers' first single called 'Audio Bicylce Day' was released. Before us is a radio edit, and there is also a full version of this musical composition where every aspect of this work is explored with the help of solo moments. The release is timed for Audio Bicylce day, which will take place on April 19, and it was released via Music Factory Records.  

'Audio Bicylce Day' this is a song without words where the musical instruments speak more than the lyrics. The main motive of the track sounds on a jazz organ, and the electric guitar aesthetically beats the main theme with its phrasing. The string effect meets us at the beginning of the composition and sends us off at the end. In the middle, musical magic happens, where dynamics and grooves make the structure of the track mobile and mesmerizing. Thanks to evocative and sensual drums, this music acquires a kind of sophistication and even drama.

'Audio Bicylce Day' is listened to easily and unobtrusively, sending us back to the waves of retro cinema with its subtle sensuality and figurative perfection. In addition to the actual organ trio, the track was also worked on by a team of real professionals and it's Floyd Reitsma (engineer), Doug Krebs (mastering) and Jason Gray (mix). The track was recorded thanks to analog equipment, so every note and every effect has such a price that allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty of this music.  

Listen to the single 'Audio Bicylce Day' below on Spotify and enjoy the new instrumental from The Suncatchers.