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We Are Space Horses – Apologia
We Are Space Horses is the name of a band from Somerville, MA, which has already made a statement on the Boston alternative scene. The band was formed in 2017 by Kevin Vanderhoof (vocals, guitar) and Gabbi Vanderfood (bass) and was later joined by Eric Hochwald (drums). With this lineup they recorded their debut album 'Apologia', released on December 29.

The record consists of 7 tracks that open before us original music filled with deep meaning and charismatic forms. 'Apologia' is a real rock album that combines the entire presented tracklist into one conceptual musical composition. Psychedelic rock from We Are Space Horses is a special mixture of post-rock and stoner rock, which is elaborated in detail with an experimental approach to creating music.  

On the album, We Are Space Horses sounds amazing, the bass parts have exquisite hooks and riffs and the drums stand out with virtuosity. Guitar lines completely fill the musical fabric with their delays, reverbs and fuzzes. Against the background of the album's atmospheric and at the same time dramatic musical dynamics, piercing and emotional vocals convey to us a lyrical context that always carries care, concern and hope.  

Listen to the album 'Apologia' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the incredible world of creativity of an interesting and worthy band We Are Space Horses.