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Teika & The Raw Beat – Falling In Love
Teika & The Raw Beat is the brainchild of a Berlin singer-songwriter and musician Mateja Kert. Together with her creative colleagues Georg Kostron (bass) and Gidon Carmel (drums), she writes and records original music full of folk, classical, art-pop and punk elements.

Their third single 'Falling In Love', released on December 8, is part of their upcoming debut album, which is due for release in Spring 2024. The song 'Falling In Love' is a sophisticated and deep ballad with a haunting and dark theme, which forces us to dive into ourselves and find the strongest feelings in ourselves, that is, love. Yes, only love can stop death and defeat it, and Mateja Kert sings about it from the heart with her own sensuality and insight.  

The musical composition develops gradually, part by part adding new instrumentation elements. The elegant and graceful structure of the song 'Falling In Love' speaks of the enchanting power of the talent of Teika & The Raw Beat .  

In the music video 'Falling In Love', the vocalist plays and sings, performing in an original image and in unusual mise-en-scenes. The main characters of the video plot are a couple in love who harmoniously and plastically convey the aesthetics of the song. Their movements and looks speak of their intentions and that there is nothing more important than love.

Watch the music video 'Falling In Love' from Teika & The Raw Beat on YouTube below and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of soulful beauty and deep feelings.