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Ollie Twohill – Stifled
'Stifled' is the title of the new single of the Australian artist Ollie Twohill. The song is about struggling with mental illness and suicidal thoughts. Ollie Twohill understands this problem deeply because he himself had a similar dark streak in his life.

As the author of life lyrics, he poetically depicts the importance of talking to such people who need moral help. The song 'Stifled' was written precisely for such purposes and its message is a real balm for the suffering souls. 

Ollie Twohill's vocals is thrilling and sensual, it organically intertwines with the live ensemble that accompanies it. For recordings of his tracks, Ollie Twohill usually invites Blair (Drums) and Lawson (Bass) Hamilton and in his live performances he often appears as a one-man ensemble. 

The song 'Stifled' by Ollie Twohill is a real outlet for the discouraged in the future. Listen to the single 'Stifled' below on Spotify and enjoy a beautiful new track from the talented Ollie Twohill.