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We Are To Blame – Duality II
On November 7, the second mini-album of the Swedish metal band We Are To Blame was released. The record was named 'Duality II' and is a kind of continuation of the line of the first release.

While staying beyond the Arctic Circle, in the town of Gällivare, a trio of musicians started a truly experimental musical project. Pop vocalist Alice Hartvig met rock musicians Johan Karlsson (guitars, vocals) and Urban Granbacke (guitars) who decided to add some lyrical and insightful vocal lines to heavy progressive music. And they really succeeded.  

Before us is a strong work where virtuoso guitars meet the wall of sound set by the rhythm section. The vocals are filled with lyrical content, where the main motives are human feelings, anxiety and hope. Elements of electronics add to this release the spirit of modernity and freedom. The EP 'Duality II' by We Are To Blame is powerful and memorable music that inspires, attracts and calls for us.  

Listen to the EP 'Duality II' below on Spotify and discover the creativity of We Are To Blame.