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Chords Of Indigo – I Will Let It (Go)
'I Will Let It (Go)' is the title of the new single of the Manchester artist Chords Of Indigo. This song was the fifth release of this year by this talented musician and producer.

'I Will Let It (Go)' was recorded in the artist's home studio and managed to preserve that charming power of warmth and grace. The song's rich folk guitar palette is supported by funky bass guitar and cascading percussion.

The vocal part is gentle and refined, it is well supported by an organic backing vocal line that gives the whole musical composition a sense of presence and fullness. The song 'I Will Let It (Go)' is a great addition to Chords Of Indigo's ever-growing music catalog and we look forward to following the work of this incredible artist.  

Listen to the single 'I Will Let It (Go)' below on Spotify and enjoy a beautiful new song from the brilliant artist Chords Of Indigo.