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Sara Möller – How and How
'How and How' is the title of the third full-length album of the Swedish artist Sara Möller. There are 11 tracks on the record that impress with the originality of musical ideas and the high performance skills of the musicians.

Sara Möller's voice is a separate musical instrument that deftly leads the entire ensemble of live instruments. Her lyrics and manner of singing are extraordinary and charismatic, she captivates our attention from the first track and leads past the entire conceptual completeness of the album.  

The recording features guitar and banjo from the famous Swedish musician and composer Leif Jordansson, who brought a raw and honest sound to the overall palette of the album. 'How and How' also features such cool musicians as Konrad Agnas (drums and percussion), Mauritz Agnas (contra) and Nils Berg (clarinet, saxophone and flute) and Tobias Wiklund (trumpet). 

A team of fantastic musicians mixes the style of the album, bringing elements of jazz and folk, cabaret and chanson into it. These songs have a sense of avant-garde and cinematic breadth. Song after song, insightful, full of feelings and thoughts sound musical compositions that give a complete immersion in the world of creative impulses of incredible Sara Möller. 

Listen to the album 'How and How' from Sara Möller on Spotify below and immerse yourself in this solid work from true masters of their craft.