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Me & Melancholy – Under the cover of darkness
On October 2, the full-length album of the Swedish musician and producer Peter Ehrling, who releases his music under the artist name Me & Melancholy, was released. The record is called 'Under the cover of darkness' and it consists of 14 original tracks that introduce us to the world of dark dreams, where night and loneliness go hand in hand.

Me & Melancholy writes and records his songs independently, putting a part of himself into them. His introspective vision of this world passes through the prism of retro and eventually mixes with the modern trends of synth pop music.  

The new tracklist from Me & Melancholy is a door leading to a journey of feelings and thoughts, contemplation and perception. The electronic beats are pumped up and virtuosic, blending with wide synthesizer waves and punchy bass. Vocal lines actually have a touch of melancholy and sadness, they are saturated with poetic and romantic essence. 

The album 'Under the cover of darkness' is a great gift for all fans of dark pop and new wave, as well as soulful electronic music. Listen to the album 'Under the cover of darkness' below on Spotify and enjoy an incredible record from the mysterious Me & Melancholy.