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Eva No – Stainless Steel
Swedish artist Eva No (Eva Nordell) presented her third EP 'Stainless Steel' on September 29. She wrote songs all her life and in 2019 she returned to intensive musical activities.

EP 'Stainless Steel' consists of 4 original tracks and a remix of her song '100%'. A recognizable feature of Eva No is the melodiousness and memorability of her songs. Her voice has a special charm that gives pleasant moments spent with her songs.  

The mini-album 'Stainless Steel' represents a kind of pop eclecticism where there are elements of folk, dance, electronic and reggae. Hypnotic vocal lines lead us past beautiful musical arrangements that have their own fullness and clarity. The organic nature of this music captivates with its poetic lyrics full of sweet romanticism and soulful sophistication.  

Eva No's EP 'Stainless Steel' is another great work from this fantastic artist and we highly recommend listening to the entire mini-album album below on Spotify.