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Sun Q – Children Singing
'Children Singing' is the title of the new song of the alternative band Sun Q, released on July 21. 'Children Singing' is also the latest single from their upcoming album 'Myth' which is out soon.

The band Sun Q uses a thundering mixture of garage rock and psychedeli—Ā in their music, successfully seasoning it with a good portion of powerful hard rock and inventive art rock. The song 'Children Singing' is a kind of epic piece that, during its sound, immerses us in a semi-mystical atmosphere with a strange motive and penetrating singing.  

Powerful guitars and retro synths are dynamically arranged with cascading beats, while an organic line of folk vocals completes the musical composition in an original way. The track 'Children Singing' represents a new stage in the creative activity of Sun Q.

Listen to the single 'Children Singing' below on Spotify and rate the new song from the psychedelic Sun Q.