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Sylvatic Black – Deadly Kiss
Sylvatic Black is a musical project by Swedish artists Labi Rance & Miriam de Silva who already had a joint experience of cooperation before. Sylvatic Black's debut single 'Deadly Kiss' was released on July 3.

This hard rock track is based on a melody and a dark aura that fills the entire musical composition with magnetic mystery and enchanting brilliance. Beautiful duet singing together with dense guitar sound leave a hypnotic impression and make us come back to this song again and again. 

Mysticism and fear, the mystery of the night and life-threatening encounters, all this is reproduced in Sylvatic Black's work with a beautiful musical entourage. Sylvatic Black, this is another new band that every true rock music lover should pay attention to. 

Listen to Sylvatic Black's single 'Deadly Kiss' and stay tuned for updates from this vibrant band.