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Intergalactic C – Through The Jazzy Clouds
The music project Intergalactic C is based in Hamburg, Germany, where their mesmerizing releases come from. Intergalactic C offers refreshing music that is equally good for the afterparty and the lounge.

Beautiful musical arrangements that mix in their structure such styles as house, jazz and Latin, make this music a great gift for all those looking for something new and unforgettable. Recently, Intergalactic C released a new album called 'Deep House Brazil', which features eight musical compositions whose originality and uniqueness are undeniable.  

We especially liked the track 'Through The Jazzy Clouds', which is ready to become a hit this season. A catchy riff on the double bass is perfectly combined with soft electronic beats, followed by a rousing solo on the organ and a charming saxophone part. The song 'Through The Jazzy Clouds' leaves a pleasant aftertaste for a long time after the first listening.  

This amazing track, as well as the entire album 'Deep House Brazil' by Intergalactic C, is recommended by us for listening right now, below on Spotify.