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Anaté – 3am
After Ana met Andrea in 2019, a duo called Anaté was formed between creative people. Since then, their creative union has been founded and sealed with great songs. One of them is the duo's latest single '3am'.

Taking on the role of a singer, Ana perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the song with the magic of night romance and a strong desire that this night does not end. Her vocals are a gentle sweet stream flowing from under the hot spark of live music. The image of Ana is ideally suited to the idea of ​​a song with a pronounced sexual connotation and we rejoice when the artist and his work come together.  

The musical part is arranged with classic Soul solutions where the live ensemble is a complement to the singer's voice and feelings. Andrea's guitar echoes Ana's voice with gentle tremolo chords and we receive a blissful melody of temptation and beauty of night relationships. 

The talented duo Anaté has declared itself relatively recently and is already receiving the first laurels of a great pop product in the show business environment. We will follow the work of this sincere collaboration and under the watchful eye we will choose the best works of this German-Italian duo. Listen to the single '3am' below on Spotify and feel the strong urge that flows from the duo Anaté.