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Nównøis – Incomplete
London artist Nównøis released her new single 'Incomplete' on May 30. This is the third official release of this charming singer-songwriter and producer, and we are excited to see how her music catalog develops.

The track 'Incomplete' has a penetrating and emotional motive that plunges us into the depths of self-discovery. Many doubts and worries appear on the path of every person and this song helps to accept it as a natural movement of all things.  

The trip-hop rhythm and ambient dark background are perfectly combined with the disturbing and soulful vocals. Impulsive notes fall on the verses of the song like drops of cold rain and explosive choruses create climactic moments that lead to a real creative insight.  

The artwork was created by the London-based artist Matt Collier, the collaboration with who allows Nównøis to make the understanding of her music bigger and more eloquent. The cover shows a plant opening its roots from the ground and flying into a new unknown.  

Listen to the single 'Incomplete' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the incredible artistic world of the new musical composition from Nównøis.