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Fish And Scale – Unmask Myself
It's nice to listen to music if the author is musical and his musicality is felt in the smallest details. Listening to the new single 'Unmask Myself' by German singer-songwriter Roland Walzlein who named his project Fish And Scale, we feel a living stream of wildlife and the energy of human feelings.

The composition sounds like a continuous reggae with a groove and sincere acoustics with a soft piano, sway like evening flowers by the summer wind. The music video 'Unmask Myself' shows the singer in a fresh incarnation. Like Tarzan, who fights with wildlife and tames it, the protagonist sings about the feelings that burn in his chest for so long that it is impossible to remember. Only a singer and a guitar, that's all you need and everything that is in the video and that's enough to reveal the most important thing - you need to take care of what you have and appreciate sincerity and openness. The image of the singer is inviolable as a soldier of love and his gaze is piercing and sees everything through. You don't have to hide behind masks to protect yourself, because what should happen will happen.  

The vocals of Fish And Scale are gaining momentum before the chorus with folk motifs in Bob Dylan style and it fascinates and encourages to listen and follow this author. Listen to the single 'Unmask Myself' and watch the video below on YouTube to fully experience the charisma of Fish And Scale.