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Red Bird – Live It All
American band Red Bird released their first full-length album 'Live It All' on January 13. Before that, the band had already released two mini-albums and now it's time for a serious conceptual release. 'Live It All' consists of 9 songs covering elements of blues, soul, funk and rock music.

The record featured great musicians who created an organic live ensemble where every note and every pause is relevant and vital. The vocalist sings inspiredly and soulfully, her memorable vocal timbre sounds amazing, touching our hearts with her sensual lyrics.  

The tracklist of the album 'Live It All' consists of a number of amazing melodies that we want to sing again and again. The rhythmic basis of the presented music compositions is light and organic, and we fully enjoy the incredible groove that makes this band one of the best.

Listen to the album 'Live It All' below on Spotify and enjoy this fantastic collection of new songs from Red Bird.