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Elad David – The Big Picture
'The Big Picture' is the name of the new record of the Israeli musician and producer Elad David. The album consists of five tracks, four of which were previously released as singles.

Interesting and rich music from Elad David is poured with wide palettes, creating original textures and an inspiring atmosphere. The virtuoso playing on the electric guitar is perfectly combined with electronic beats and synthesizer progressions.  

Other live instruments such as trumpet and saxophone also sound in the presented musical compositions, which add life-giving force and organicity to all musical concepts. Impulsive and colorful musical parts have their own special character and deep mood in which we can immerse yourself and enjoy the symbiosis of groovy rhythm and charismatic melodies.  

Listen to the EP 'The Big Picture' below on Spotify and love this music from the talented in every way Elad David.