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Anita Eccleston – Golden Hour
Anita Eccleston is a musician, singer, songwriter and producer in Canada, whose musical experience allows her to create innovative musical forms, one of which is the single 'Golden Hour' that was released on October 4 as part of her new album.

This musical composition is based on a lo-fi hip-hop beat and beautiful trumpet playing. It is as if the sounds of Chet Baker himself are being revived in a modern creative initiative. Fortunately, Anita Eccleston is an excellent musician, she arranges her sounds so that they appear in time and disappear succinctly in the bosom of an atmospheric, almost transparent accompaniment.

In the music video 'Golden Hour' an application cartoon appears, where a true story of friendship and mutual understanding unfolds. As a simple example of simple relationships, this artist shows her solidarity in the search for peace on Earth.

Watch the music video 'Golden Hour' from Anita Eccleston below on YouTube and enjoy this fantastic Nu jazz composition.