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The Margaret Hooligans – Turntable Tribulations
The American band The Margaret Hooligans released their second full-length album 'Turntable Tribulations' on October 21. The album includes 9 tracks, representing a new stage in the creative path of this irrepressible rock duo.

Cool rock n roll sound created by electro banjo and drums has a specific character that is not similar to other alternative duets. The vocal parts appear in both female and male performances and they have a color and charismatic spirit that fully reveal the lyrical context of the presented songs.  

The subject of the lyrics of the record is very diverse, where the main storylines reveal situations and heroes from different spheres of American life. Drive and pressure alternate here with original melodies and crossed arrangements. The songs form of the album's tracklist is really unique with its inventions and hooks that make these musical compositions alternative, avant-garde and rock n roll.  

Listen to the album 'Turntable Tribulationsby' from The Margaret Hooligans below on Spotify and discover this unique and extremely interesting duet again and again.