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Staytus – Disease Of The Mind
Staytus presented her debut full-length album 'Disease Of The Mind' on September 9. This record contains 13 original tracks written and recorded by the artist herself in Scottsdale, USA.

Since the age of 15, Staytus has been actively engaged in creativity and sound recording of her own works. Her experience as a producer has allowed her to create interesting and unique tracks where original and unique sounds are proof of a significant phenomenon on the scene of alternative music.

The album 'Disease Of The Mind' is permeated with pain and feelings based on the artist's own experience. In this music, there is an internal struggle where the search for Truth leads the author to deep self-digging. The gothic rock of this record is permeated with the idea of ​​darkwave and industrial sounds. The explosive vocal lines characteristic of grunge music create their own unique face for Staytus.  

Listen to the album 'Disease Of The Mind' below on Spotify and plunge into the universe presented in this conceptual work from Staytus.