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Snakedoctors – B Song (WW Remix)
The Polish band Snakedoctors always creatively elevates their songs in one way or another, showing their team talent and great inspiration. Their new release is called 'B Song (WW Remix)' and beats a remix of the band's former hit, but now this track tells another side of that story.

The band’s guitarist and vocalist Wojciech and the world-famous sound engineers Joe Gibb and Kevin Paul worked on the remix. The sound of the track turned out to be so cool that it conditionally transports the listener to the New Romantics, where the originality and whimsy of the music was part of that unique subculture that we all miss.  

Heavy electronic bass and wide synthesizer waves sound powerful and dark. In their background, the voice of the narrator is heard, telling the story of a lonely girl who went out into the city.  

In the music video 'B Song (WW Remix)', the main character is a girl, who fascinates with her grace and beauty. Her elegant movements against the background of the city of Belgrade, where the video was shot, are harmoniously combined with a black and white atmosphere. The video and the song look like one whole, and this definitely gives a cool result of aesthetic pleasure.  

Check out Snakedoctors' music video 'B Song (WW Remix)' below on YouTube and rate the new remix from Polish new cult band.