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Doc Rhombus – Retroactions
On September 8, the second full-length album of the American singer and multi-instrumentalist Doc Rhombus was released. The record titled 'Retroactions' consists of 9 tracks that were written and recorded in his home studio.

Doc Rhombus started an active musical activity in 2018, since then he has been successful in presenting an original product that differs from other indie music. His new album presents a beautiful tracklist, which is a pleasure to follow.  

Starting with the first track, we are fully immersed in this atmospheric music that has elements of new wave and bedroom pop. Elastic rhythms are based on groovy basses creating unique waves of open and catchy music.  

Each song presents a unique vocal line that is guided by a warm and silky timbre. Elegant arrangements created with taste, which speaks of the considerable talent of the author of the music.  

Listen to the album 'Retroactions' below on Spotify and enjoy brand new music from the impressive Doc Rhombus.