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Herald K – Arethusa
Herald K is back with a new single 'Arethusa' from his upcoming album. Herald K is a Norwegian singer-songwriter based in Vienna, Austria where he continues to pursue his original musical ideas.

'Arethusa' inspired by Greek myths about a river god who fell in love with a water nymph. The song tells us about love and its undying influence on all earthly beings, including the gods. The beautiful, atmospheric melody of the song has a characteristic folk sound, which was provided by an ensemble of professional musicians who worked on this track.  

Herald K sings artistically and gracefully, backed with female vocal lines and the sounds of an amazing instrument Nyckelharpa. A strange story is conveyed to us by this hypnotic music, which is based on an enchanting theme and charismatic performance. Of course, the musical composition worth the attention of all lovers of folk and Americana music.  

Listen to the single 'Arethusa' from Herald K on Spotify below and imagine this great love story that has come to us through the ages.