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The Margaret Hooligans – Fat Tongue
The Margaret Hooligans have unveiled a new single titled 'Fat Tongue' from their upcoming album, which will be released later this October. The American duo The Margaret Hooligans is a unique phenomenon on the modern rock scene, where they share their original songs framed in experimental forms and driving motives.

Musical duet consists of an electronic ukulele and drums that accompany the vocal lines very well. The song 'Fat Tongue' opens with a vocal monologue and drum waves in the background.  

The composition unfolds and brings new elements of the genre, where the driving riffs are hard and uncombed, and the drum cascades are heavy and strong. The song reborns into real hard rock of the late 60s and perfectly convey the aesthetics of that time, creating a unique modern garage rock.  

Listen to the single 'Fat Tongue' on Spotify below and discover this talented and charismatic duo The Margaret Hooligans.