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Vanessa Bumagny – Cinema Apocalipse
Brazilian singer-songwriter Vanessa Bumagny has been on the professional scene for at least 30 years. Her creative path is wide and colorful, full of collaboration with famous and talented artists and musicians, which speaks of her own persistence and talent.

Earlier this year, Vanessa Bumagny released a new full-length album called 'Cinema Apocalipse'. The album was recorded during the pandemic with the help of producer Rafael Castro and other well-known artists. The record 'Cinema Apocalipse' includes 10 original tracks that are full of rich Brazilian music and other elements of contemporary song art.  

Beautiful arrangements are filled with rhythmic roar and sharp melodies that accompany Vanessa Bumagny's romantic and soulful singing. The atmosphere of sadness and cheerfulness spilled over into the colorful compositions of this album that deserve the best praise. The aesthetics of love and intimate dances are mixed with sensual ballads, exotic art-rock and elegance of indie pop.  

Listen to the album 'Cinema Apocalipse' on Spotify below and enjoy the awesome new tracklist from Vanessa Bumagny.