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Kyote Radio – Real Crime
The band Kyote Radio is based in Austin, Texas. They write and record rock n roll songs inspired by desert landscapes. The name of their band is taken in honor of pirate radio station Kyote Radio that worked once in West Texas.

The members of the band Kyote Radio came together in 2020 and their album called 'Real Crime' is the result of a great collaboration between great musicians. The album consists of 10 tracks based on sound elements of blues, funk and country rock.  

The song 'Open Wide' invites us into the world of Kyote Radio with heavy fuzz riffs supported by a powerful rhythm section. Emotional and penetrating vocals has a strong sense of hard theme. The main track 'Real Crime' has a memorable motif consisting of cool vocal melodies and a viscous sequence of chords. The song has a wide coverage and a dense guitar sound that fascinates with its simplicity and originality.  

The track 'Color' has a distinctive groove sound that perfectly conveys the first-class ensemble where the bass and guitar leading. The drums hold the base and the vocals convey the psychological atmosphere of the track. The song 'The Range' sounds bluesy with heavy guitars and rock energy that supports the dark motif of this composition.  

Listen to the full album 'Real Crime' on Spotify below and get acquainted with the work of real rock n roll band Kyote Radio.