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Benjamin Corson – Mirage
New York musician and producer Benjamin Corson presented his solo album What is called 'Mirage'. The album was released on the platform Bandcamp earlier this year. The record consists of 7 tracks that sound most reminiscent of blues rock and psychedelic rock of the 70's.

The instrumental track 'Cracking The Code' is a real epic rock n roll canvas that is listened to with great pleasure. It's nice that there are bands and projects in the world that create similar music. The song 'You Are A Woman Now' is an amazing image of its arrangement and compositional idea. Back vocal lines are just superb. The track evolves over time from intimate soul to wide musical space with inspiring guitar solos and emotional vocal parts. The titled track 'Mirage' is a beautiful blues ballad created with love and feeling of every note, every breath, every beat. We can listen to this music forever. 

Listen to the full album 'Mirage' on Bandcamp below to appreciate the high quality creative impulses of Benjamin Corson and his rock n roll collective.