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Nate Hadley – sunset over paris
On April 9, a new single by the American singer-songwriter Nate Hadley was released. The song is called 'sunset over paris' and it tells about the loss of loved ones and how it affects our worldview.

Nate Hadley is a profound author and his songs have a vital meaning. After he decided to dedicate himself completely to music, his releases became a place of his self-realization. The song 'sunset over paris' has an indie folk sound where the beautiful guitars accompaniment allowing singing to penetrate our souls.  

The vocal line is emotional and sensual, it perfectly conveys the thoughts of the author and his desire to understand life experiences. Nate Hadley writes and produces his own songs, so his talent is obvious. He gives us these insightful and soulful songs.  

Listen to the single 'sunset over paris' on Spotify below and appreciate the work of the young and promising Nate Hadley.