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Spyderhuff – Angry Flames – Wrath
The basis of the American band Spyderhuff are two old friends of musicians who played together in different bands and formed Spyderhuff in the early 90's. After a long creative pause, the band reincarnated into a large studio project, which was joined by wonderful musicians from other American cities.

Their new single 'Angry Flames - Wrath' was released on March 18. The composition is one of the seven tracks of the concept series called 'SIN7'. The song 'Angry Flames - Wrath' is meant to reveal the meaning of anger and its impact on people.  

The vocalist leads a powerful line intersecting with the electric guitar in blues rock tones. A powerful guitar riff appear on time and tune the rhythm section to an energetic accompaniment. The aesthetics of live instruments are beautiful and especially in the form of such cool rock music.  

Listen to the single 'Angry Flames - Wrath' on Spotify below and appreciate the skill and originality of the creative idea from Spyderhuff.