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hangtime – Right2Repair
The second full-length album of the American artist hangtime is called 'Right2Repair' and was released on December 18. The album consists of 13 tracks developed in the original goes to combine hip hop with alternative rock. The interesting sound of these songs is due to the uniqueness and creativity of their material.

In the song 'broken ones' there are two vocal lines, one of which is calm and anxious and the other emotional and aggressive. Electronic beats and distortion are found in hurricanes of feelings and passions. The song 'away' has a trip hop rhythm with blurred harmony. Cosmic sounds and a powerful guitar riffs sharpen the senses. 

The song 'inner monster' is an experimental theme with a minimalist riff and deep self-digging. The terrifying sounds of a torn inner monster reveal fear and insecurity. In the song 'get bent' the continuous drum & bass that meets with foggy and heartbreaking motives.  

Listen to the full album 'Right2Repair' on Spotify below and dive into the depths of the original work from hangtime.