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9 o’clock Nasty – Sexy Back
The new track from the British band 9 o'clock Nasty is called 'Sexy Back' and it reveals a different vision of this theme than by the well-known singer. Their version of the 'Sexy Back' got a garage sound with a touch of downtempo and hip hop.

The guys presented this track so creatively that it definitely deserves attention. Their humor has a hint of aristocratic punk that turns glamor into underground and vice versa. Dirty sounds of guitars and electronic drums set the tone of the song and choral refrains are shouted briskly and playful.  

In the music video 'Sexy Back', three unknown people break into a night house and throw a party there. The sounds of a famous song do not allow them to focus on their goals and they create their own mini concert for themselves. 

Watch the music video 'Sexy Back' from 9 o'clock Nasty on YouTube below and appreciate the creatine's skill and acting transformation into images that perfectly convey the main message of their music.